Marketing & Branding
Marketing and Branding is a diverse and hard to grasp topic with lots of agencies, marketing boutiques, companies and consultants offering their services.

We at MaL!sh focus on LinkedIn because – for the time being – it is the most important tool for Marketing & Branding and Business Development online. On top of which it allows prospecting of potential customers, execution and automatization of sales processes and systems. 
What we teach you on LinkedIn can be applied to other platforms and channels and to in-person-strategies.
Solutions for You:

We help you to define relevant social media channels for your company and create the content strategy for them

Content marketing: 
where, when and what 
to communicate

Designing converting Sales Funnels (on paper and selecting tools and systems which fit your needs)

Homepage strategy support: blueprinting, selecting platform, helping to find programming team or lending our own expert. Style, design, psychology of a converting page. 

We help you with your Brand book 

We help you to choose the provider, setting up and managing of Newsletter systems

Analysis of your customer avatar and selection of communication channel

Employer Branding on LinkedIn and others to help you with a uniform look and an image fostered by all employees

Create or elevate your Personal Branding on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn from personal profile and company profile over to posting and networking strategies – always with the aim of generating business.


My name is Andreas Möller. I am the managing director of UNIBERG GmbH.
We hired MaL!sh to help us prepare for the MWC [the leading international IT fair in Barcelona]. The MWC was our first trade fair ever. MaL!sh supported us in turing engineers into salespeople for this premiere. Unfortunately, the MWC trade fair could not take place in 2020 due to Covid-19. But the preparation was really great, so we continued to engage and permanently contract MaL!sh to stay innovative in marketing and to improve our social media and our entire marketing. We are hidden champions and inexperienced in marketing. MaLish is one of our cornerstones in improving our marketing

Andreas Möller



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Why LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online social networking site for business professionals. First launched in 2003, the website has become one of the largest platforms for small and large organisations (for purposes such as recruiting, employer branding, Marketing & Branding, prospecting and generating business) and individuals (seeking a job, expert status, new connections), from around the world. With 16 Mio users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) and over 800 Mio worldwide, the network focuses on enabling business connections and promoting industry contacts between employers and working professionals, to reach further or promote themselves in the area of their expertise.

For companies – whether big or small or as (solo-) entrepreneurs- the opportunities on LinkedIn to get known and generate leads and business is outstanding using personal profile, company profile, networking and other strategies.

The latest statistics show what many business leaders have known for some time. 
The first contact of your company is not the sales or customer service team – not even in B2B.

Potential buyers and customers first search online. When considering that LinkedIn is the business platform No. 1 which is also reflected on google search, it becomes clear that LinkedIn should be the start of your customer journey and not the nice-to-have tag along. 

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