Employee Development
Taking care of your employees doesn’t simply mean offering fun happy hours or paying for lunch once a week. Each person, no matter their level or where they work, wants to feel genuinely cared for.
An impactful way to do this is through a commitment to support their professional advancement and personal growth.

Employee development is a long-term initiative, but it also leads to short-term benefits like increased loyalty and improved performance and engagement.
Why is it important to develop your employees?
Engaged employees understand how their efforts contribute to an organization’s success. A modern approach to employee engagement helps turn your team into a force for change.
In this talk you will receive insights and tips from a human resource pro.

Insights from Arte Nathan who served as Chief Human Resources Officer for Mirage Resorts and Wynn Resorts
Inspire Greatness in your Team
We offer solutions that help you to achieve your company’s people development objective. 
In order to present you with high class, state-of-the-art methodologies, we have partnered with Strategic Development Worldwide (SDW). 

With its 30 + years of experience and the scientific background SDW is specialized in assisting organizational leaders in their effort to create results-focused organizations and sustainable cultures of excellence. 

We thrive in working with leaders and managers in their organizations by helping them recognize opportunities and realize their own potential. 
Togehter we support each other around the globe serving our customers as mentors, mirroring good ideas and always challenging ourselves to stretch and grow. 

We work as a team. By leveraging our collective expertise and practical knowledge, we strengthen the solutions we bring to our clients. Our backgrounds are as diverse as that of the clients we serve.
Our solutions - for your challenges 

Our scientific culture and gender free assessments and tests will support 
pre and post training results and give you a clear picture of the development

Management Positions Analysis Test (MPAT)

Provides a highly validated picture of the way an employee or potential employee will respond in a management position. The MPAT was designed to assess managerial style, perception of situations, response to situation and relative effectiveness.
You need 30-45 minutes to complete this test by paper, computer or smartphone. Results are delivered in a report via e-mail.

General Optimism Test (GOT)

This test reveals the underlying habits of thought and patterns of communication which are directly related to optimistic or pessimistic world views.

This inventory test can be completed by paper or computer and takes about 15 minutes. 

Results are delivered via e-mail in a report.

The Employee Culture Survey: 

this organization wide survey can be used on an annual basis by different administrations in order to determine employee attitudes and beliefs about: working conditions, views of upper management, views of supervision, work relationships, communications, company image and financial rewards.

Among members of upper management, this survey can be used to help create a sustainable model for innovation and change.

Sales Position Analysis Test (SPAT)

Provides a highly validated picture of the way an employee or potential employee will respond in a management position in the sales field. The SPAT was designed to assess sales style, perception of the situation and relative effectiveness. It will give you a highly validated picture of the individual in high-probability response to the position in question. You need 30-45 minutes to complete this test by paper, computer or smartphone. Results are delivered in a report via e-mail.

Top Team Effectiveness Workshop
(2-3 Days)

This workshop is a powerful managerial training and development program that is most productive when held off-site and is attended by an entire team (at least one superior and a full team of subordinates). 

All of the participants in the training work together to decide on the best way to improve their performance as an individual and as a team. The workshop is the most comprehensive when it comes to improving team effectiveness and outputs. It is a highly interactive training.

Problem Solving and Planning for Change Workshop (2 Days)

This workshop was designed to help leaders, managers, and employees at all levels become confident problem-solvers in fast-paces and challenging business environments.
Since being an effective problem-solver is critical for on the job success, this course gives participants a systematic way to approach problems, especially when managing change.

The Toolkit provides the participants with strategies to ensure that problems are addressed proactively rather than reactively.

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