Business environments have always been fast pasted. The evolution of the internet and the worldwide pandemic have certainly added more velocity to it. In this ecosystem, businesses have to change fast, be innovative, and quick in execution. 
While the external might change fast, companies are struggling internally to keep up with the speed of changes. Inflexible systems, tools, and workforce are just a few examples. Many companies cannot and do not want to change their workforce but would love to instill in them more drive, dedication, more flexibility, or a start-up mentality (the so-called entrepreneurial spirit). 

In a company context, there is a word for it: intrapreneurship.

MaL!sh helps companies that want to implement or improve intrapreneurship and create motivation and ownership among their employees.
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You, as a company leader and decision-maker are sure faced with the question: 

How can we stay or become more competitive, innovative and a great employer by leveraging the status quo as regards to people and budgets?

The term intrapreneurship refers to a system that allows an employee to act like an entrepreneur within a company or organization. Intrapreneurs, as their entrepreneurial counterparts, are self-motivated, proactive, and action-oriented people who take initiative and do not shy away from challenges, hurdles and setback in business development or product innovation.

Intrapreneurs are more courageous employees who drive innovation, while still valuing the benefits of being part of an organisation such as a fixed job, steady income, social security and ultimately not being responsible for losses and failure as an entrepreneur.
Intrapreneurship creates an entrepreneurial environment by allowing employees to use their entrepreneurial skills for the benefit of both: the company and the employee. It gives employees the freedom to experiment, as well as the potential for growth within an organization.

Intrapreneurship fosters autonomy and independence, while trying to find the best solution.

How we come into the game?

It is no secret that consultants are there to help transform companies, bring additional skill sets to the table and allow for targeted project management … same is true for intrapreneurship.


In Intrapreneurship the key is not to find the consultants that do the work for you but to find consultants that develop and implement together with you and your team the mindset and work ethics of intrapreneurship.

It's important for you as an employer to find and recognize these employees. Most likely the skillset needed to become more competitive, flexible, innovative and to drive down costs lie within your organisation already. Not promoting intrapreneurship or recognizing employees who demonstrate an intrapreneurial spirit, can be negative to a brand or company both financially and reputation wise.

Employers who encourage intrapreneurship profit, because it leads to a closer connection with the fate of the company. Establishing internal entrepreneurship can help solve problems, and lead to innovation and growth. Companies that do not promote intrapreneurship may lose capable people to other companies, or to the start-up world.
Identifying intrapreneurs can sometimes be difficult.
And this is where we come into the game. We are entrepreneurs ourselves who left the corporate world after collected 15 years in the industry to found our own company MaL!sh because we did not have a working environment where we could advance and forster our talents. 

Since then, we have built our own company and supported: 
  • companies in transition
  • Startups and
  • sidepreneurs
Our solutions for you

We offer both general workshop and lectures and customised trainings for

  • Your management team
  • Your operational managers
  • Your shop floor

From impulse to inspiration to assistance in implementation: Malish offers it all


Create awareness, "fire up" your people, and understand what could be implemented in your company

You are unsure whether intrapreneurship is the right approach for you?
You would like the management team to learn more about it?
Your team should hear about the concept before taking further steps?
Then we invite you to book us for an introductory presentation on intrapreneurship.


Top Management, 
Middle management team,
Execution level

This is for companies who are committed or already have a team yet are struggling or want a formalised structure to go about
The idea is to get everyone on board, buy-in and assign the most suitable people to the team.

It can be designed as a top workshop or one at working (execution) level


Think it
Plan it
Execute it

At the heart of the intrapreneur consulting is a longer collaboration in which the company enables it's workforce/team/department to transition into intrapreneurs.

The idea is to assess, unfreeze, mobilise, and refreeze the organisation.


When companies build an intrapreneurial environment, one that fosters risk-taking and responsibility, individuals but also the whole organsation gains efficiency, innovation and drive. Enthusiasm increases when people believe they are not only given a real opportunity to think, try and transform but will be rewarded for it! You will see your teams become more productive, consistent, satisfied, and efficient.

An intrapreneurship culture is not an overnight event and must be lead or initiated by the management team. When people start thinking like intrapreneurs - more naturally than forced - that's when the “culture” is born.

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