Customer Service & Follow-up
Customer service (CS) is a department often neglected but one with game-changer potential for sales and revenues. The CS department has all the strings in its hand. It’s the interface between customers and internal departments, such as field service, production, accounting, quality, etc.
To put it simple: the better the customer service, the higher the customer satisfaction, the longer the customer loyalty, the higher the turnover and the better the company's image.

Did you know that 35-50% of all sales goes to the company that does the follow up first?
Follow up is the action that continues or completes a process or activity. Means you are doing activities which are necessary to get someone to become a client. Learn with our success proofed system to outperform your competition.

With our proven system we will support you to create an outstanding Customer Service and convincing follow up system for your sales force. 

Check out Lilli´s insights and view on Customer Service and Follow Up (German)

Solutions for You:

Follow up for Customer Service and Account Manager

- analysing of the status quo: what´s working what needs improvement 

- Follow Up plans for every occasion (trade shows, online contant, existing customer) 
- How to get and use referrals 
- understand your buyer types 
- how to use social media to follow up in your industry

- we conduct customized  Workshops and assessments

Customer  Service Training

- on how to serve your customers, customer retention, time management, systems, internal & external communication 

- understand the buying cycle of your customer 
- how to use CRM in your advantage 
- what social media channel makes sense for your CS Team

- Our scientific culture and gender free assessments and tests will support pre and post training results and give you a clear picture of your CS Force

- we support you in (re) structure, build and grow your power CS Team

International establishment of a sales subsidiary

Your organisation is growing, and you need to establish new subsidiaries? Congrats! To have a successful start in a new country, region you have MaLish to support on: 

- Culture and language aspects and specialties in your new location. It is crucial to understand this before starting to build the CS and Sales team

- Communication – to grow and expanding as a company is an amazing journey and has to be communicated proper through the whole organization. We offer customized communication strategies and communication training specialized on international expansion. 

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